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kurtis johnson

Frontman / Owner

After spending nearly a decade working in the music industry, recording and rocking out on Sunset Blvd, artist and Arizona native, Kurt Johnson, has returned to the valley, bringing the LA music scene to the Uptown Phoenix neighborhood. While in the recording studio, Johnson got the inspiration to create a cocktail bar and restaurant that perfectly captured the sights, sounds and vibe of what he was experiencing.


Cock N’ Tails represents Kurt’s vision of comfortable and inspiring place where guests become regulars who enjoy great cocktails, amazing food and looking cool. The décor at Cock N’ Tails includes turquoise velvet bar stools, plush sofas, eclectic art and rock inspired fine details. Everywhere you turn there is something new to notice and enjoy. Kurt has poured himself into every detail from the lighting to the chair selection, Cock N’ Tails is a true reflection of his creative spirit and ambitious energy.

donna sites

Producer / Executive Chef

With 20+ years of experience running her own catering company and opening food and beverage outlets for a variety of local hotels, Executive Chef, Donna Sites has developed a menu filled with modern American fare and adventurous dishes that are inspired by her travels across the country. 


Working in hotel restaurants for the last 10 years has provided Chef Donna with a wealth of insight for her culinary and management growth. While many hotel guests loved the menu, she found that hotel guests are generally less adventurous when it comes to trying different foods – they want familiar flavors and dishes. Since Cock N’ Tails is a stand alone brand, this experience has allowed Chef Donna the freedom to be more creative and venture outside of a traditional flavor profile.

Chef Donna highly recommends that anyone looking to try something new to give the Bad to the Bone Marrow a try - made with roasted beef marrow bones topped with oyster mushrooms, bacon, herbs and toasted baguette.

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